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Our History

Much like early pioneers ...

The first residents of Warm Beach Manor were much like early pioneers. Imagine moving to a new home out in the middle of seemingly nowhere, surrounded by trees and wildlife. Even the sounds of the nearby road could not reach your ears through the thick foliage. They moved away from family and familiar settings, based just on the promise of living in a friendly community among fellow Christian seniors. But it worked.

And it was work.

Back then there were no paid employees beyond Elmer McDowell, the General Manager. He and his wife Eva lived in the original farmhouse on the campgrounds next door, though they spent nearly all their waking moments at the retirement community.

The residents volunteered with the upkeep of the community, from hauling trash to mowing lawns. One resident, Frank Thompson, was a woodworker and made all the original signage for the community.

It wasn’t all work, of course. They took trips to Chuckanut Gardens, Rosario Beach, Bowman’s Bay and many other destinations. How did you transport so many seniors back in 1967?  By school bus, of course! The residents themselves even drove the bus.

Today there are roughly 350 residents of Warm Beach Senior Community. But we began with 23:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Abkes 
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Anderson
  • Mary Amour
  • Minnie Burr
  • Julia Bush
  • Ruth Creasey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Russell Holmes
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson
  • Pearl Leise
  • Lucille Pilot
  • Orin Root
  • Myrtle Silva
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson
  • Ethel Walter
  • Eunice Wyler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Warner.

We are grateful to these early pioneers who paved the way for us!  Are you related to any of these pioneers?  Perhaps friends of the family or they touched your life through ministry?  We would love to share stories or photos you might have.  Click here to send an email to Laura Perkins, our Community Relations Representative.