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Joining a life plan community

Retirement Village Living

An investment in quality of life

A Life Plan Community (LPC) is a retirement community that provides a variety of residential options, along with services, amenities and a continuum of care designed to address the changing needs of residents as they age.  Our community offers not only retirement housing, but also accessible independent living apartments at Beachwood, assisted living at Cedar Court, skilled nursing, rehabilitation therapy and respite care services.  Like other Life Plan Communities, Warm Beach offers a lifestyle that differs from other housing and care options for adults who reach retirement age, and is particularly attractive for those making decisions for their long-term future. This setting allows them to convert home equity or other assets into housing and if needed, receive daily living services and health care in a way that keeps monthly expenditures more stable.  A person can spend the rest of his or her life in a Life Plan Community, moving between levels of care as needed. 

In addition to maintaining an active lifestyle, perhaps the greatest benefit at Warm Beach is the ability to sustain friendships and associations you create in the community.  A change in care level or residence on campus does not mean giving up your community of support. This provides both stability and peace of mind for residents and their loved ones.  For many couples, one spouse may require an increased level of care at some point in an Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Center.  The other spouse remains at home on campus, within walking distance and thus avoids the time and expense of daily travel. You maintain your network of support and enjoy more quality time together as a result.

Our Retirement Village and Senior Living residents have priority access into either Cedar Court or the Warm Beach Health Care Center.   Warm Beach does not currently have a dedicated Memory or Dementia Care unit.  If you or your family member finds they need more substantial memory care than we can provide in place, our care professionals can help you discuss and plan for other options.