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Volunteer at WBSC

Thank you so much for your gift of time as a volunteer at Warm Beach Senior Community.  In order to protect those served we must have you renew your DSHS background check every two years as required by law.  There is no financial cost to you and it takes roughly 5-7 minutes to complete.  There are a few things you will need to know before you begin:

  • Have your ID ready.  Washington State Driver's License/ID and your Social Security number will be asked for. 
  • Have our email address ready to give them.  On the last page of process they ask if you would like your report sent to any 'additional' email addresses?  Please list so that they will send us a link to view your completed background check. 
  • Email us when you are thru and include your report access code and birth date.  You will find that code at the top of the last page.  Please send this code and your date of birth to the same email:

Thank you again for choosing to make a gift of your time to change the life of someone at Warm Beach Senior Community. Simply put - without you and other generous volunteers: the mission would be impossible.  Thanks to you: our mission is not only possible, but is changing lives!  

If you have questions please contact Siri Owen at (360) 652-2649