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Strong Seniors on Zoom

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
10:00 am11:00 am
Strong Seniors on Zoom

Join us for our exercise class, Strong Seniors, over Zoom!

Mybe you aren't feeling as strong these days, but I think it takes a different kind of strength to deal with the pandemic in our world.
And if you want to make that body stronger, please join us for Strong Seniors on Zoom!
Our initial schedule will be Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and Fridays at 10 a.m.
[That will probably change when we can get together in person] Cass will be leading and Donna T. will be leading as her schedule allows.

If you want to try Zoom before the first class next Friday, just email Cass and she will send an 'invitation' -- just so you can try it out.

If you know someone who doesn't have a computer, you can actually phone in and listen to the class. Hopefully that person has a speaker, so they are able to pick up some weights and participate.

We are going to start a little gentle and then work up to what we were doing in the past. We hope to see some new faces! All are welcome.

Please be patient with Zoom as we are all learning here. There are still occasional bumps.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 939 1009 6512
(Email or call Cass for the password.