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Become a monthly hero ...


Monthly heroes make a big impact

Monthly giving is a fantastically fun & easy way for individual donors to do more!  For most donors it allows them to give 20% - 40% more in a year than they could typically afford through one or two an annual gifts.  For instance, many folks might find it difficult to give $250 as a single gift during a given pay period.  However, they would find giving $21 a month very sustainable (12 monthly gifts @ $21 = $252).   

Monthly giving is a fun, easy & effective way to leverage the power of community to do more!  Your monthly gift is a great way to inspire others to become monthly givers!  When Heroes join together - the collective power to create sustainable ministry is huge.  Monthly Hero gifts can be made in any amount, but let's look at what would happen if we had groups of Monthly Hero givers at that sustainable $21 a month:  

  • 25 Heroes @ $21 a month = $525 monthly and $6,300 a year.   
  • 50 Heroes @ $21 a month = $1,050 monthly and $12,600 a year. 
  • 100 Heroes @ $21 a month = $2,100 monthly and $25,200 a year. 
Young boy with cape and fist raised mightily to the sky

That's the power of monthly giving! 

Can you imagine how much our ministry could grow to meet needs if we had 200 or 300 monthly heroes?  Well, that's our goal!  We want to grow our monthly heroes club to over 100 in 2019, over 200 in 2020 and over 300 by 2021!  We'll need your help reaching this total, but thru the power of today's social media tools and with active advocates working on our behalf we believe this is a totally achievable goal!   

For us, monthly gifts enable us to predict, plan and sustain our assistance and program efforts that depend on donor support.  Being a Monthly Hero is a win-win-win! 

  • A WIN for donors who wish they could do more. 
  • A WIN for our organization in planning and delivering services.
  • A HUGE WIN for our program participants who's lives are changed through your monthly gifts.

Become a Monthly Hero today and accomplish amazing things when you check the "make this a monthly gift" checkbox near the bottom of our donation page.  Your monthly gift is conveniently made automatically on the same day each month using your VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX or DISCOVER branded card.  If you have questions about monthly giving, need to change your existing payment date or gift amount, or find you need to cancel for any reason you can do so by phone at (360) 652-2628 or by email