Who We Are

Imagine living where you know and care about your neighbors, where you share common interests and backgrounds with people your own age. Residents at Warm Beach Senior Community don’t have to imagine. They live with active seniors who are 62 years and older in a place that pulses with life.

Residents exercise their bodies in sit aerobics or water aerobics classes and stretch their minds in creative writing classes. They nourish their spirits in Bible studies and prayer groups. Activities address the arts, music, reading, exercise, education and special interests.

Volunteering is a key in community life, with about 80 percent of the residents sharing their time and talents. The opportunities are many and include serving their fellow residents in a restaurant-style dining room, answering phones, utilizing skills by assisting maintenance, cashiering in the store, gardening the atrium, and much much more. During their working years, they were leaders in their communities and churches and they are not about to stop now!